The Toronto Improv Actors Studio

The Improv Actors Studio is a centre for exploring longform improvisation. Each week, a new guest facilitator guides a class through their own themed curriculum.

Class Passes are available to make it easy and convenient for you to experience improvisation the way that you want.

We provide many performance opportunities for our students. Click here to find out more!

Class Descriptions

Improv Drop In

720 Bathurst St, 4th floor

The improv drop in sessions take place weekly on Mondays, from 6-8PM, and are facilitated by a different guest facilitator each week. Every week, classes explore a different theme – i.e. Team Building, Memory, Object Work, Characters, etc. Every last Monday of the month is a Musical Improv drop in class.

Classes begin with a warm up and continue into performance exercises.

Musical Improv Drop In

720 Bathurst St, 4th floor

The musical improv drop in sessions take place every last Monday of the month from 6-8PM and are instructed by a guest facilitator each week. Classes include, or are solely taught by a guest musical director each week. Each month classes explore a different theme (eg. Harmonizing, Ear Training, Scene Work, Narrative, etc).

Classes begin with a vocal and physical warm up and continue into performance exercises.

The Lipton Improv Hour

Comedy Bar, 942 Bloor St W

Students from the Improv Actors School get to perform in front of a live audience each first Wednesday of the month at The Comedy Bar. The show is hosted by The Improv Actors Studio’s very own ‘James Lipton’. Students who have participated in a workshop in the previous month can sign up to play! They will be joined by a special guest improviser.

See the first Lipton Improv Hour on October1st at 7pm.

The Other Side Talkback Series

Improv Actors Studio The Other Side

Hear from some of the best Producers, Directors and Writers in Canada. Gain Insight. Ask Questions. Get to know the other side of the stage and screen.

The other side series is a weekly series featuring talk backs with well known Producers, Writers & Directors. It is meant to be an inside look at the world behind the scenes. The talk back will be led by a guest facilitator artist and will include an audience question and answer period.

Held at The Comedy Bar, 942 Bloor St W, every Tuesday at 7pm.

*The Other Side Talkback line ups, venue, and time are subject to change.

Performance Opportunities

The Lipton Improv Hour is a show specifically for the students of The Improv Actors Studio. Each month 20 students are picked from the Improv Actors Studio to perform at The Comedy Bar in a longform student showcase. It is hosted by our very own ‘James Lipton’ and is also facilitated by an Improv Actors Studio teacher. The teacher is also interviewed by ‘James Lipton’ live on stage. It’s a hilarious time had by all and gives the perfect chance for our students to perform at a working comedy venue in front of a live audience!

Stay in the theatre after the show for Ted & Lisa! at 8pm.

The First Lipton Improv Hour is Wednesday, November 5th at 7pm. At The Comedy Bar945 Bloor St W.

Special Monthly Performance Opportunities

Each month 3 special students are handpicked to be in a professional ‘Kliffer Entertainment’ show! Have your chance to perform in Mixed Company, Missed Connections, or Ted & Lisa! Visit Kliffer Entertainment for show details.


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